Program Goals and Impact

Program Goals

-Provides opportunities for children with disabilities to play baseball regardless of their abilities.

- Develops and promotes community support and sponsorship of the Miracle League.

 - Promotes the heath and well-being of individuals with disabilities.

 - Gives community members meaningful, fun volunteer opportunities.

 - Educates the public and creates awareness of individuals with disabilities and their families.

 - Promotes awareness of the capabilities and assets of individuals with disabilities.

Everyone PLAYS.  Everyone CARES.  Everyone WINS.

Program Impact

The Miracle League helps serve others in an important and powerful way by building a community of acceptance and inclusion where everyone is celebrated.  Over the last 10 seasons, the program has continued to grow with 1,787 players and 2,280 community volunteers participating.

2010                                             2019

first season                                   tenth season

97 players                                     202 players

123 volunteers                              268 volunteers

1,072 volunteer hours                   2,292 volunteer hours

8 teams                                         16 teams

2 nights of play                              4 nights of play

16 league sponsors                       30 league sponsors

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